Stetson University Welcomes 2020-2021 Moroccan FLTA - MACECE

Stetson University Welcomes 2020-2021 Moroccan FLTA

-By Anh M Nguyen – Stetson International Student

Every year, Stetson University has an opportunity to invite a Fulbright Scholar onto its beautiful campus and over the past years, the scholars have contributed a great deal to the Stetson community in terms of intercultural exchange and diversity. We are proud to welcome this year’s Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Chama Bououd from Morocco.

Bououd has a master’s degree in Linguistics and is fluent in three languages: Arabic, French and English. She has been an English teacher for more than five years and one of the questions that she gets asked a lot by her students is, “How is it in America?”

As a Fulbright Scholar, not only does she want to experience American culture, but she also hopes to take the learning from those experiences back to her homeland to enrich and inform her English lessons. She is excited to present her culture to her American students and to all the other members of the Stetson community who wish to learn more about the unique and rich culture of Morocco. She looks forward to doing so when she can safely operate within the restrictions of COVID-19 and come to campus in Spring 2021.

Bououd has been teaching Arabic at Stetson since the beginning of Fall 2020 from her home and has needed to make some unique accommodations to be available to students an ocean away.  Her students have enjoyed her lessons so far even though her curriculum delivery is limited to an online-only format, which requires her to navigate the five-hour time-zone difference. Going forward, Bououd is excited to “actually” come to Stetson in the spring and she looks forward to creating and taking advantage of many opportunities to engage with the Stetson community as both a teacher and a student.