Fulbright Hikayat (Stories) is a series of blogs celebrating the 75th anniversary, where alumni write stories on their Fulbright journey and the impact it has had on their lives.

Hikayat #1: Education and Exchange: Reflecting on my Fulbright Year in Morocco

“As a Fulbrighter, I researched the non-formal education system in Morocco, which helps students who have dropped out of school or otherwise did not have the chance to attend public school.”

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Hikayat #2: Becoming an Anthropologist: A Rite of Passage for a US Fulbrighter in Morocco

Gwyneth Talley conducted her Fulbright research with women horseback riders in Morocco, exploring how they navigate their way in the male-dominated field of horseback riding.

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Hikayat #3: Musings of an anthropologist mom in Morocco

Professor Dubel’s Fulbright was full of rich experience and visits from special friends that made her year more memorable. Tara visited six rural Amazigh communities, interviewing women about the work and challenges of Argan oil cooperatives.
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Hikayat #4: Designing a New Pottery Kiln Powered by Solid Waste and Methane Gas

“My 15-month #Fulbright tenure and research topic in Morocco was an accumulation of multiple obstacles, challenges, successes, and goals I had laid out before myself starting in 2012.”