MACECE's 40th Anniversary - MACECE

MACECE’s 40th Anniversary

2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the Moroccan-American Commission for Educational and Cultural Exchange. Throughout these 40 years, MACECE has succeeded in fostering mutual understanding between the peoples of Morocco and the United States.

MACECE will be celebrating the 40th anniversary with various activities throughout the year to highlight the importance of the Commission’s work and the impact of the Fulbright programs.

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40th Anniversary Videos

40th Anniversary Webinars

Multilingualism in Morocco: How Moroccans associate their identity to their language

Multilingualism has always been a special part of Moroccan identity. To discuss the nuances of this interesting issue, we hosted a webinar with Fulbright Scholars Dr. Julie Dell-Jones and Dr. Carole Edwards; and Fulbright alumnus and Linguistics specialist Dr. Karim Bensoukas moderated the discussion. Click here to watch the full webinar.

Where There Is Sufism, There Is Water: Insights of Collaborative Research

Sufism has always been a tenet of Moroccan spiritualism and water preservation is now a top priority for the country, but have you ever wondered how these two worlds might be connected? On this webinar, we discussed Sufism, water and the fascinating ways they intersect. Click here to watch the full webinar.

Soft power and geopolitical stability: The new era of Moroccan Diplomacy

The recent years have been pivotal for Moroccan diplomacy, and have resulted in many agreements between our Kingdom and its fellow sovereign countries. This webinar discusses this new era of Moroccan Diplomacy and its importance to geopolitical stability. Click here to watch the full webinar.

Spotlight on the Judeo-Moroccan diaspora: Reconnecting through a shared History

Morocco has always been proud of its rich Jewish history, and in recent years, the Kingdom has doubled its efforts to reconnect with its Jewish diaspora. Our next webinar will discuss Morocco’s significance as a Jewish pilgrimage destination, and how it’s actively working to rekindle links with Moroccan Jews across the world. . Click here to watch the full webinar.

Renewable Energies and the Climate Crisis: Spotlight on Morocco's "Green" Development Projects

In this fifth instalment of the Anniversary webinar series, our presenters Dr. Safar Bourhnane and Austin Bodetti discuss Morocco’s efforts in switching to renewable energies in a conversation moderated by Fulbright alumnus Talha Rifaai.

Click here to watch the full webinar.