FAQ’s : Study in USA

Study in the US

If you have been chosen for a grant as a Moroccan citizen, questions may be addressed directly to MACECE at the following email address: info@macece.ma, or via our contact page

The Most Common Questions

Does MACECE choose the university I will go to ?
What if I am already accepted at a university in the U.S. ?
Does it matter what year I got my undergraduate degree ?
Does it matter what field my degree or research is in ?
What is the amount of the scholarship ?
Can I get a grant even though I am studying in the US now ?
What tests are required ? What is the minimum test score requirement ? How recent do my test scores have to be ?
Do students who have a degree from Al Akhawayn University or a degree in English have to take the TOEFL ?
Can I stay in the US after I’ve completed my degree or research ?
I have a green card. Can I still get the grant ?
Who can write the letters of recommendations ?
What professional experience is required ? (MBA students)

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