FAQ’S : STUDY IN Morocco

Study in Morocco

Many questions about Fulbright can be answered by looking at the Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board (FFSB) policies, which are online and available on the present link. The FFSB policies are divided into 9 chapters, 100-900, and those that concern U.S. grantees are Chapter 400, U.S. Students, and Chapter 600, U.S. Lecturers and Research Scholars.

The Most Common Questions

Are there any age restrictions for applicants interested in a Study Grant ?
Does the Commission find housing for grantees ?
Are inoculations or visas required to enter Morocco ?
I’d like to teach English as a Senior Scholar at a Moroccan university. Should I correspond with my host institution during the grant application process ?
I plan to bring my spouse and two children with me. Is there anything I should know before coming ?
I want to apply for a student grant but graduated from college three years ago. How do I apply ?
What languages are required for conducting research, lecturing or studying in Morocco ?
I am applying for a student research grant and I see on the fulbrightonline website that I should check with MACECE for the feasibility of my project. What’s this all about ?
I am applying for a student research grant and I am looking for an affiliate, as indicated on the fulbrightonline website. What do I do ?
Do I need research clearance for my project before I come to Morocco to undertake my Fulbright grant ?
When should I arrive in Morocco to undertake my Fulbright grant ?
I will need to send books to Morocco for my research. What is the best way of doing that ?
As a Senior Scholar, I had a Fulbright grant to Spain 3 years ago, and now I’d like to pursue my research on Andalusian music in Morocco. Am I eligible to apply for a Fulbright to Morocco ?

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